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Micaela Johnson, LMT

        My name is Micaela, and I am a licensed massage therapist in Spokane, Washington. 

I was born and raised in Spokane and attended Spokane Falls Community College. After graduating with my Associates degree, I met my wonderful husband and had two beautiful children. 

After a few years of being a stay at home mom, I felt drawn to massage as my next move in my career. I enrolled in Therapeutic Connections School of Massage and graduated in the fall of 2021.


During school I truly fell in love with the art of massage and all of the ways it improved my own life. That ignited the passion I have now to share that healing with you.


Why Choose Me

Cream Massage Table.png
Time on the Table

What's more frustrating than booking a 60min massage and only getting 50 minutes of hands on time? You will always receive your full time on the table with me.

Cream Clock.png
Ultimate Convenience

What could be more convenient than an in home massage therapist? Save time and gas by hiring me to come to your home or office.

Cream Check Mark.png
Custom Sessions

Each session is designed just for you. I can adjust pressure from deep to light, and focus on whatever area needs the most attention that day.

Cream No Talking.png
You Set the Tone

Whether you love to chat during your session or prefer a quiet massage, I will always follow your lead.

Cream Heart.png
Not Just a Massage

I truly care about each and every client. I am here to listen to your concerns and connect so I am able to provide you the best possible treatment.  

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