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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will you travel for a massage?

I travel from Chattaroy to Moran Prairie and Indian Trail to Stateline (and everything in between!)


What are your rates?

My rates for mobile massage are $125/60min, $165/90min, and $205/120min. In studio sessions at 95th Element are $85/60min, $120/90min, $155/120min


How do I book a massage?

Book a massage by calling or texting (509) 842-6393 or sending an email to

What kind of massage do you provide?

I use a combination of techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, PNF, Trigger Point, myofascial release, and cupping. Each session is unique; we will discuss your needs before your massage and I will adjust my techniques and pressure to create the perfect session for you.

Do I need to set anything up for my session?

Nope! All I need is enough space to set up my table (the space should be able to fit a twin sized bed), and a nearby outlet. 

What is your cancelation policy?

I have a 24-hour cancelation policy. If you no-show your appointment or cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time, you will be charged for your full session price.

Do you only massage women?

I specialize in treatment for women, but I do massage men by referral.

Are you Trans friendly?

My goal is for EVERY individual to feel safe and comfortable receiving massage therapy. I welcome trans and LGBTQ+ clients.


Do you take insurance?

I do not accept insurance at this time.


Do I have to undress for my massage?

No, you can stay fully clothed or dress down to your comfort level. I want you to be comfortable and able to relax during your session.

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