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I offer mobile, in home massage therapy as well as studio appointments within 95th Element Spa just off of I90 in Liberty Lake. 

In Home Massage Sessions

Deep tissue massage Spokane

60 Minute Massage $125

90 Minute Massage $165

Massage therapist massaging the upper back

Most popular!

Neck massage

120 Minute Massage $205

Studio Sessions at 95th Element Spa

Mobile massage therapy spokane.jpg

In home massage not the right fit for you? I also offer studio sessions in the beautiful 95th Element Spa, just off of I90 in Liberty Lake. 

 Massage Session Overview

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If you've never received massage before, or never used a mobile massage service, you may have some questions about the process. Here's what a session with me looks like.

I arrive at your home or office 15 minutes before your appointment time to set up my table, sanitize my equipment, and put fresh linens on the table.

Once the massage space is ready, we will talk about your goals for your session and what areas need the most focus that day.

During the massage I will communicate with you about preferred pressure and tender areas. I use many different techniques including Swedish, Myofascial, Trigger Point, and PNF. I cater my techniques to your goals for each session.

After the session I will check back in with you about the goals we discusses before your massage and record the progress we made during your session. 

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